Tarooki goes green to be clean

Nestled between Guichen Bay and Lake Fellmongery, Robe, South Australia Tarooki is an ideal beach location for community, school and youth groups. Built in the 1960s Tarooki is surrounded by natural beauty that is enjoyed by staff, locals and visitors alike.

Soon visitors to Tarooki will be able to access rainwater during their stay which has to date been limited as there has been no way to plumb the water effectively to where it is needed most – the showers!
UC Invest have been making conscious efforts to “Go Green” and UC Invest Manager Paul Barnett was pleased to support Tarooki by providing funding for the purchase of a new water pump at the campsite. Paul explained;

“We very much believe in assisting the Church to make good environmental decisions in finding ways to reduce our water usage and carbon footprint.”

This sponsorship will have a significant impact on visitors to Tarooki who will soon be able to enjoy rainwater showers at the campsite and make the most of catching and utilising the fresh rain water.
Manager, Karen Parker is delighted that they can move forward with the project and take advantage of the natural resource saying;

“We really appreciate UC Invests generosity and that of the investors that make this possible. I am sure our guests will appreciate showering in rainwater too. It always seems a shame to have our tank full before the real winter rain because we couldn’t access it”

Learn more about Tarooki, the campsite, programs and local area at unitingvenuessa.org.au/tarooki

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