Grant to Playford Uniting Church

UC Invest recently made a special grant of $200,000 to the Uniting Church SA which was subsequently passed onto Playford Uniting Church as a grant towards the development of their new community space.

The grant has facilitated the establishment of a beautiful new space, which aims to foster a sense of unity and collaboration. A place where visitors are welcome seven days a week, to share their stories and become a part of creating this new community - a community through which new skills can be discovered, new capacity can be found, imagination can be stirred and faith can be awakened.

Playford Uniting Church aims to collaborate and partner with others to make the most of this new space. Opportunities are emerging with local schools to create a breakfast and study program, through their community garden and growing relationship with Habitat for Humanity and Para Work links, as well as the Tuesday night community meal and kids club in Elizabeth Downs.

Rev Peter Riggs, Minister of Playford UC said of the grant; “Through this grant, not just our church, but the whole community we are in, will see and experience the generosity and heart of God. This gift has been key in not only establishing but releasing us to begin boldly, focussed on our mission amongst our community and not our own survival. This gift is freedom.”

If you would like to personally donate to this project and the work of Playford Uniting Church, please visit the Uniting Church SA donation page.

Alternatively anyone wishing to make a donation from their UC Invest account should contact us on 1300 274 151.


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