New translation diploma set to inspire next generation

The translation of The Bible into indigenous languages has been a way to connect communities with the Scriptures. In the past, UC Invest has granted monies to enable the work of Coordinate, an agency of UCA Northern Synod who support indigenous Scripture.

One major focus has been the offering of a Certificate III in Bible translation which ran through the 1990s and early 2000s. The benefits of this program on the Church Community can be felt even today, inspiring the next generation of UCA Northern Synod members. Many of the previous graduates have now become important leaders in the Uniting Church in Darwin, and a large number of the Community members faithfully continue their Bible translation today.

We are pleased to continue our commitment to indigenous Scripture translations, with a grant towards a new course in Bible translation.

This course will be offered in 2019 at Nungalinya College in Darwin, and will help train the next generation of Bible translators, who will be supported to complete a Diploma in Translating. The diploma is thanks to a partnership between many organisations including Bible Society Australia, Nungalinya College, AuSIL and Coordinate.

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