Drop in to UC Invest and collect your free UC Invest reusable coffee cup

We’re increasing our efforts to become more environmentally friendly at UC Invest and we thought we’d extend our enthusiasm to our investors.

If you would like a UC Invest reusable coffee cup please collect one from our reception desk at Level 2, 212 Pirie Street, Adelaide.

Did you know:
• The average Australian drinks 9.2 cups of coffee per week!
• Over 1 billion coffee cups are produced every year in Australia generating over 7,000 tonnes of waste
• Most takeaway coffee cups can’t be recycled due to their polyethylene lining.
• Every minute over one million disposable cups are placed in landfill

The team at UC Invest are enjoying their reusable cups and we hope you do too.

By using a reusable cup:
• You help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and the emissions produced by waste decomposition
• You can save money...ask your barista to give you a discount for bringing your own cup! We’ve found many in Adelaide do.

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