Help us reduce paper clutter

In 2015 we sent over 23,000 individual pieces of mail; everything from account statements and notifications to general correspondence.

“While we’re never going to eliminate the need to post items to investors, we would certainly like to see a significant fall in the number of items we post out”, said Andrew Fechner, Assistant Manager.

“One way that investors can help us reduce our impact in this area is to request electronic statements. Our eStatements are a great way to reduce paper clutter and also do your bit for the environment.”

If you would like to switch to eStatements simply call our office on 1300 274 151.

eStatements - Q & A
How do I access eStatements?
You can only access eStatements via our secure web portal, UC Invest Online. If you haven’t already registered for UC Invest Online access you will need to contact our office first.

How often are eStatements generated?
We generate eStatements monthly and send out an email notification when the PDFs are ready for viewing or downloading.

Why should I register for UC Invest Online?
In addition to eStatements, you have 24/7 access to all of your investment and transaction information. Some investments also allow you to request a withdrawal online.

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