10 minutes with Christina Cook

UC Invest was proud to sponsor KCO - Kids Camp Out which took place on 21-22 March.

We spoke with Christina Cook, one of the key organisers in the lead up to the big Camp Out.

What is this years theme?
The theme is A-OK, which stands for Acts of Kindness. Kindness and generosity are at the heart of KCO with members of the wider church family giving their time and talents in many ways.

What do the kids who participate look forward to most?
They love seeing their friends and making new ones. Many love the feel of a big event and get involved in crafts, concerts, sports, games, food, face painting and performances.

What do you hope the kids that attend will get out of the camp out?
We hope the kids come away with an understanding that we are A-OK with God and in response will pass on Acts of Kindness to others. We want to have fun and positive experiences, where they feel a sense of community and understand that they are loved and valued as individuals.

How will the contribution by UC Invest assist KCO?
UC Invests support has allowed KCO to hire an inflatable sun cover which will be used during games and explore activities. The cover provides a sun safe environment so the kids can enjoy being outdoors.

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