10 Minutes with Rev Nigel Rogers

We take 10 minutes to get to know Rev Nigel Rogers CEO/General Secretary at UCA Synod South Australia

What do you enjoy most about your role in the Uniting Church?
I thoroughly enjoy leading alongside others in the midst of the changes that are upon the church. Being engaged in leadership within the church provides wonderful opportunities to work with a wide range of people. It is a real joy for me to meet and collaborate with people across generations, especially as we work to grow the church.

What special interests/ hobbies do you have?
I love spending time with my wonderful wife and our three lovely children.
I also love all kinds of sport whether that is playing it or watching it. I love getting out for a game of golf, tennis or squash. I enjoy all codes of football especially AFL and being an ardent Hawthorn supporter means I have enjoyed the season this year!

I love South Australia because
SA is the best-kept secret in the whole country! The people, the food, and the liveability of Adelaide are all amazing. I have really been loving the pace of life in Adelaide. I'm also looking forward to exploring some of the extraordinary national parks around the state.

What is the best advice about life you have received?
The best advice that I have received is...Let God love you.

If you could live anywhere in the world for 6 months where would it be?

Friends say I am
Those who know me best would say I am a fairly positive person who aims to get the most out of life whilst having fun doing so.

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