2014 Financial Results

Thanks to you and your investments, UC Invest has been able to give back to the Uniting Church community by providing funds, sponsorships and grants to dedicated groups that support our community.

Read about how your investments have helped others in our Financial snapshot and Community returns below!

Financial Snapshot for 2014


2014 Community Returns

  • Competitive interest rates Investors were paid interest of $6.26 million
  • Mission & Service Fund received a grant for $1.98 million this is the operational budget of the Church in SA and finances programs for Pastoral Relations, Chaplaincy, Mission Resourcing, UnitingCare, Secretariat amongst many others
  • Northern Synod received a grant for $15,000 to sponsor youth to attend the National Young Adult Leaders Conference in Sydney
  • Sponsored the Concert Series Uniting Wesley Kent Town
  • Pancake Day received a $10,000 sponsorship to ensure its continued success
  • SAYCO and KCO were supported again in 2014 for $4,000
  • UnitingCare Wesley Bowdens Not another charity event received $10,000 from the proceeds of the UC Invest Golf Day to help shine light on full- time carers

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