A big (almost) first year.

It has been almost twelve months since our investors transferred across to the new company, and we have completed our first set of financial statements for the new entity - Uniting Church SA Investment Fund Limited.

The financials cover the new entitys first nine months of operations, and a brief summary of activity from 1 April 2018 to 31st December 2018 is below:

Summary 2019

It was very pleasing to see so many investors transfer to the new company structure in March 2018, and equally pleasing that we retained the same level of investment ($202m) over the 9 month period. This has enabled UC Invest to continue its significant financial contribution to the life of the Church. The grant of $1.66m is a large sum and a significant part of the Mission & Service Funds budget (a further amount of $0.58m came from the Investment Services operations prior to the transfer).

We expect great results for 2019, with a focus on offering competitive interest rates, and continuing to produce a good profit, to increase the grant to the Church, even further. We will continue to put additional funds back into equity to ensure our long-term profitability.

Snapshot of the last 9 months

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