A summer message from Paul Barnett

Hello, didn't 2015 fly by? It's summer and the calendar year has finished. At UC Invest we are reviewing the 2015 year, with attention now on the annual accounts and external audit to ensure our numbers are correct and verified. Thank you for supporting us, and I hope you will continue to in 2016. We are committed to offering good service and competitive rates in 2016.

Your support has tangible benefit to the Uniting Church here in South Australia and further afield, as you may have read throughout the year in this publication.

This edition has a couple of environmental stories, which have been only possible due to you. UC Invest was able to offer grant money to the Thuruna Camp Site, to provide finance to go with the hard work of vegetating the area in front of the campsite. This will assist in reducing soil erosion, and beautify the area. We have also been able to start the process of installing 400 solar panels on the roof of the Pirie Street Synod office, to reduce our electricity usage. We are also keen to find other ways of minimising our impact on our beautiful planet, so our kids, neighboursand future generations can enjoy and thrive here.

Hope you had a fulfilling Christmas and are excited about the year ahead.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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