A Winter message from Paul Barnett

It has been some time since our last Investor Returns. We've been quite busy and have lots of news to share.

In this edition, you will meet our new team members, Christine Lam and Beverly Ong. They both bring skills and passion to their respective roles, and they have been terrific to work with over the last few months. Christine is an Accountant and spends the bulk of her time working with our systems, reports and numbers. Beverly assists our customers both on the phone and in person on Thursdays and Fridays. I feel confident they will be long term, valuable members of our team.

You will also meet Karen Eley who recently joined Uniting Church SA Investment Fund Limited as a Committee Member. As a Financial Advisor, Karen brings a wealth of knowledge to the Committee from her experience in investment markets and products. She has without a doubt been incredibly helpful for the Committee and me as well.

Kids Camp Out (KCO) always brings a smile to my face. The story you will read reinforces the importance of this program and our sponsorship. It is imperative that programs like KCO continue to bring kids together in a positive, religious setting. I was fortunate to receive many inspiring pictures, far more than are published here, and I get such joy out of seeing their experiences, and joyful faces.

We have received several requests for early repayments and wanted to take this opportunity to better explain hardship and what is required to make an early repayment under the hardship provision. It is especially important that we operate within the rules, as any missteps could lead to UC Invest being excluded from providing our investment services.

e-Give, our online giving system, has been growing in leaps and bounds for the last few years. If your Congregation isnt currently using it, maybe its a good time to start. Read more about the benefits of offering e-Give in the article. Please feel free to contact me if you have feedback on the topics included in Investor Returns, or about any other areas of our business.

Hope you enjoy this publication.



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