Achieving your goals in 2016

The start of each year is often a time to reflect on the past 12 months and many seek to make a New Years Resolution. We understand that enthusiasm can wane in the first few weeks or months, so we thought wed jot down some handy tips to help keep you on track!

Tip 1 - Chose something you are genuinely passionate about.

A noble pursuit such as read more may seem like a good idea but if youre not really that passionate about reading maybe this isn't the goal for you. Or you could reframe the goal to be find an author or genre that I am interested in. Linking the goal to something you already care about may give you the extra motivation needed.

Tip 2 - Work together

Its much easier to stay motivated when you have someone encouraging you along the way. Setting a goal with a family member, partner or friend means you can both support each other and give each other a nudge when motivation starts to wane. Plus its much more fun and gives you another reason to spend time together!

Tip 3 Take it step by step

Many of us set a big goal meant to last for the whole year but then get disheartened when in February we havent achieved it yet. Breaking up your big goal into mini goals can help you set realistic timeframes and give you that sense of achievement along the way. For example if your goal is to spend more time outdoors, spend some time researching walks in your area and thinking about other fun activities you can do outside and then pop them in your diary. Hang the list on your fridge and tick them off as you go along.

Tip 4 Reward yourself

The feeling of achievement can be a reward in itself but for that extra boost plan rewards for yourself whenever you tick off one of your mini goals. Ticked off five outdoor activities, maybe its time to get that new pair of running shoes youve been wanting. Are you doing really well with your reading? Time to treat yourself to a movie. Be creative.

Whatever your resolution, we wish you well. Good luck and happy 2016!

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