Charitable purpose

The UC Invest business is important to the life of the Uniting Church. It offers competitive investment services to our investors, which maximises the income the community receives. It also provides a substantial grant to the Mission & Service Fund, which finances the Uniting Church SA Presbytery and Synod mission.

The grant of $1.66 million for the nine months to the 31st December 2018, plus a further $0.58 million from the Investment operations prior to the new legal set up, contributed to almost 20% of the Mission & Service Funds income in 2018. We are expecting to make a grant of $2.269 million to the Mission & Service Fund during 2019.

As these figures demonstrate, UC Invest commits a large amount of money to this Fund. This is because the Mission & Service Fund finances a vast and diverse amount of activities and programs that are important to the Church and its ministries. Without a significant grant from UC Invest, the Church would be forced to reduce its activities.

We are proud that your investment decisions have enabled many programs to continue and grow. Moderator Rev Sue Ellis said Our activities and programs help nurture people, young and old, to become disciples of Jesus. Just like birds who reach maturity and fly, so do the ministries of our members as they are released to grow the kingdom of heaven.

Below is a list of the categories of programs that the Mission & Service Fund finances:

  • Mission and Leadership Development including the Uniting College
  • Resources Board (Administration of the Churchs business) Governance, Innovation and Communications
  • Pastoral Relations and Mission Planning
  • Chaplains Ministers Support and Training
  • Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress Wider Church (Assembly and ecumenical support)
  • Congregation Support

Uniting Church SA Members can contact the Resources Department on if they want further information on the Mission & Service Funds spending priorities, or a copy of the audited financial statements.


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