eGive: Giving made easy

If you've ever been caught at Church searching your wallet or purse only to find spare change or large bills to give when the offering plate is passed around, e-Give could be the solution for you. We all have the best of intentions, but may not always be well prepared in the moment.

What is e-Give? It is an electronic offering service which, once approved by your Congregations Treasurer, can be set up quickly and result in immediate rewards for your Church.

With e-Give, Congregation members decide how much they want to give, and how frequently and can choose to give anonymously. UC Invest sets up the Congregation members giving, based on their specific instructions, and the transaction is then made as requested. 100% of the agreed offerings are paid directly to the Congregation.

Why should my Church choose e-Give?

  • There is a simple paper trail the giving amounts appear on the congregations statement;
  • It is safer than accepting cash offerings eliminating the opportunity for theft and removing risks involved with transporting cash in personal vehicles, or storing it temporarily in homes;
  • If everyone made offerings this way, hand counting cash after services and making bank deposits during business hours would occur less often;
  • Congregation members can pay a specific amount regularly, instead of what they may have on them during Church services; and
  • Regular scheduled giving allows the Church to plan more accurately for the future.

If you would like information about starting e-Give in your Church, visit our website at or call us on 1300 274 151.

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