Generating great returns for our investors and our church

eGive is the direct payment system run by UC Invest on behalf of the Uniting Church’s congregations. It replaced the need to place money in the offering tin, by conveniently transferring money directly from Congregation members accounts to their congregation. The Congregation member sets the amount and the frequency of the payments, and can remain anonymous if required.

UC Invest is proud to provide this service because it makes it easier for Congregation Treasurers, as the amounts are credited directly to the Congregations bank account. It also reduces the risk of the money being stolen or lost from the Congregation before it is banked.

It also takes the stress out of Congregation members running around before the service trying to find the right money denominations for their offerings.

More and more people have been paying their offerings via eGive, as the world has moved closer to being cash free with the upheaval due to COVID-19, and most retailers are now only accepting cards.

There are 64 congregations that have signed up to use eGive, with 952 congregation members making their offerings this way. On an average month, these congregations are receiving a combined amount of $200,000.

To learn more about starting with eGive, contact us today!

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