Making a difference throughout SA

Our mission at UC Invest is to offer the Uniting Church Community competitive investment returns. With the money invested with us, we maintain a diversified investment portfolio. Our goal is to deliver a surplus and to thereby be able to make a grant to the Mission & Service Fund of Uniting Church SA. In 2018, UC Invest expects this grant to be $2.218 million. This is a substantial part of the Mission & Service Fund budget and is used to finances many different and diverse activities of our Church. Rural and Remote Ministry is one such activity.

The Mission & Service Fund contributes to Rural and Remote Ministry directly through a small but dedicated rural team. Rural SA has more than 120 local congregations located in five zones. Each zone has a locally based Rural Field Officer (part time), who connects with each congregation in their patch to offer their ministry experience and expertise. They also connect relationally and offer pastoral connections to leaders and congregations.

The Remote Ministry is covered by Rev Sunil Kadaparambil and Pastor Gary Ferguson (Bush Chaplains) and is funded through Frontier Services (an agency of the Assembly of the Uniting Church of Australia). The M&S Fund contributes through the management of this remote ministry by securing funding, day to day management and support and ensuring that our Bush Chaplains are safe, secure and well equipped in the work they undertake. Rev Ashley Davis is the Region Minister looking after Rural & Remote requirements, as well as travelling approximately 50,000kms per year as he works with rural congregations. All this is funded from the M&S Fund.

So how does your investment with UC Invest assist the Uniting Church?

Every investment adds to the capacity of UC Invest to make grants to the Church, which in turn enable the multiple programs and activities of the Church to receive funding, which are then able to make an impact in our community.

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