Meet your team

We would like you to get to know some of our team a little better, as we believe good relationships with our clients build a strong foundation for years to come.

Kathy Zito- Investor RelationsKathy Zito - Investor Relations
Ive been working at UC Invest for 8 years, during this time Ive got to know my customers and understand their needs. When Im not at work, I enjoy cooking, walking my dog and spending time with my family. Im also looking forward to becoming a Nanna later this year. The best thing about working for UC Invest is that I get to do what I love whilst knowing that our investors are earning excellent rates, and that the Church is able to continue its great work across SA.



Catherine Beckedorf Investor RelationsCatherine Beckedorf - Investor Relations
Ive developed a set routine to start my work day over the past 11 years at UC Invest; I turn on my computer, look at my emails, say hello as people come in and always make sure I have a hot coffee! The best part about my job is the people; our investors, the team and the office. In my role I work across a range of activities. Im excited by the recent changes within our organisation, and thrilled that 98% of investors have chosen to join us on this new journey.



Stacey Page Investment AccountantStacey Page - Investment Accountant
I have been at UC Invest for 5 years and when Im not working, I am spending valuable time with my two boys. I love that my job allows me to apply my accounting knowledge to analyse a range of investment opportunities for the business and our investors. I really enjoyed when the office was renovated; and I loved seeing the transformation take place and how the new decor re-energised the team.



Paul Barnett ManagerPaul Barnett - Manager
I will have been with UC Invest for 20 years by September, and I am proud to have led the expansion of the business through numerous changes over the past two decades. By far, the best part of my job is working for the Uniting Church community, though when Im not as work, Im most likely at my childrens various sporting commitments. I enjoy riding my bike into work all year round; the journey gets my blood pumping and the fresh air is the perfect start (and end) to the work day!



Stephanie Simpson Risk & Compliance OfficerStephanie Simpson - Risk & Compliance Officer
As the newest team member at UC Invest, I love that through my work, Im able to help facilitate the charitable work of the Church that bene ts many people in need. Every morning, when I arrive in the office, the first thing I do is make a strong, hot cup of coffee, turn on my computer and check my email. When Im not working, I like to travel, see movies, go shopping, read historical novels, play PC games, and spend time with my family.



Andrew Fechner Assistant ManagerAndrew Fechner - Assistant Manager
The best part of my job is working for an organisation thats professional but also has a strong social conscience where pro t is not pursued at any cost. When Im not helping the community through our work at UC Invest, Im busy in my role as Treasurer of McLaren Districts Cricket Club. During my 18 years at UC Invest the sheer scale of the grants weve been able to provide, makes me incredibly proud. The one moment that really stands out was the $500,000 grant from UC Invest to assist the 2004 Tsunami relief effort that hit parts of Asia.


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