Message from the Moderator

The UC Invest operation is an integral and important part of the ministry of the Uniting Church in South Australia. It offers competitive investment services to individuals, congregations and organisations associated with the Uniting Church. This enables both the investors and borrowers to receive attractive rates for their money, whilst also providing the opportunity for UC Invest to make substantial grants to the Mission and Service Fund through the income earned on investments.

During 2021 the grant to the Mission and Service Fund amounted to over $2.3 million, despite the difficult financial situation society has found itself in. This year the grant is budgeted to be $2.9 million.

In addition, UC Invest has recently given significant financial support to bushfire recovery and UnitingCare, among others.

The grants, donations and investments of UC Invest, when added to the contributions from congregations and other income, enable significant elements of the Uniting Church’s mission and ministry to occur to a greater extent than would otherwise be possible.

Every dollar individuals, congregations and organisations invest with UC Invest, allow more funds to be provided to the church, allowing programs to continue and grow, as well as encouraging the development of new projects.

These activities and programs help nurture people, young and old, to grow in their connections with God, with each other and with their communities.

Listed below are some of the ministries and programs that the Mission and Service Fund finances:

  • Presbyteries
  • Mission and Leadership Development including Uniting College
  • Resources Ministry Centre (Property and Finance)
  • Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress
  • Secretariat
  • Placements and Safe Church
  • Chaplaincy
  • UnitingCare
  • Assembly
  • Ecumenical Relations

I thank you for supporting the Uniting Church through UC Invest.


Bronte Wilson

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