Message from the Moderator

Since I began my term as Moderator, I have been reminded of the breadth and depth of mission, service, and care we bring to our local communities as well as being connected and supportive of the wider Uniting Church. It is such a joy to realise the impact we have, as the Uniting Church, across our state and nation.

Our Synod has been blessed to have had income from UC Invest over many years which has enabled it to provide many ministries and programs. In 2023, the Mission and Service Fund received grants from UC Invest of $2m, and a further $1.4m from Uniting Funds SA. This is a considerable contribution to the life of the Church.

Some of the ministries and programs that Mission and Service Fund finances as a direct result of grants from UC Invest include:

  • Presbyteries
  • Mission and Leadership Development including Uniting College
  • Resources Ministry Centre (Property and Finance)
  • Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress
  • Secretariat
  • Placements and Safe Church
  • Chaplaincy
  • UnitingCare
  • Assembly
  • Ecumenical Relations

When congregation members invest with UC Invest, they are receiving interest, whilst also providing funding for our community. It is a win-win.

Without congregation members support, the above ministries and programs would not have happened, or their reach would have been decreased because their funding would not be what it has been.

I am grateful for the expertise of our voluntary Committee members, who perform their governance tasks with such dedication and professionalism for UC Invest.

The UC Invest team is a dedicated, hardworking team, and I thank them for their service. This team has had a few changes to its personnel in the last short while. I take this opportunity to thank Paul Barnett for his 25 years of service, and wish him the best, hoping he enjoys his new employment opportunity. Paul’s knowledge, expertise and good humour will be greatly missed.

As the UC Invest team enters a new season, I pray they will continue to enjoy their work as they strive to produce the excellent outcomes for which we been blessed.

To our Investors, your ongoing support and encouragement has always been first class, and on behalf of the wider Uniting Church community, I thank you, and hope that your involvement with UC Invest will continue.


Rev Peter Morel


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