Generating great returns for our investors and our church

by Haloti Kailahi - General Secretary of Northern Synod

The current focus within the Northern Synod is to revive the church through resourcing and empowering members especially the New River Community Church (NRCC).

In Mathew 4: 23 “Jesus went all over Galilee, teaching in the synagogues, preaching the Good News about the kingdom, and healing people, who had all kind of disease and sickness (GNB).”

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members are facing so many challenges today that are too many to mention. So the projects below relate directly to NRCC membership.

  1. To fund a Retreat of NRCC Women and the Moderator between September 2020 and December 2020. This will involve bringing people from communities, accommodation venue and food and program resources.
  2. To fund a Retreat of NRCC Youths between August – December 2020 with the main focus being to teach how to navigate a life without crime and how to transition to jobs and further education.
  3. To purchase computers for Area Remote communities as tools for them to learn basic computer skills as well as devices for them to use for church Zoom meetings due to an increased need for online meetings.

In all these projects, the focus as articulated by Jesus is on teaching and learning with the hope of empowering Northern Synod leaders. A much more informed and knowledgeable church will go a long way to prepare the UCA well at Northern Synod for a bright future.

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