Supporting the heart of our community

Chaplains make essential contributions to the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of individuals across South Australia. They provide a friendly face, a kind word, a gentle presence, a soft place to fall for people in all sorts of places from hospitals and aged care facilities; schools and universities, prisons and other organisations associated with the Uniting Church.

UC Invest are proud to sustain this key contribution to the community through the Uniting Church chaplaincy program, through grants to the Mission and Service Fund (the MSF). The MSF provides vital funds for every aspect of our churchs mission, and one of these areas is placing chaplains where they are needed.

Through your investment with UC Invest, you are helping to finance the valuable work of chaplains in South Australia, enabling them to connect with people at different stages of life.

This gives people in all sorts of circumstances often when they are feeling most vulnerable, such as when they are unwell or in correctional service facilities - spiritual and pastoral care.

For those that just need an encouraging chat, or others who are trying to make sense of the major upheavals in their life, the ability of a chaplain to provide sensitivity and spiritual care is invaluable.

Rev Sue Page is a reserve RAAF Chaplain, and is pictured at the commissioning of a plane.

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