Two decades of service

It is with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to Assistant Manager, Andrew Fechner.

After Easter 2019, Andrew will commence his new role as Manager - Financial Services Uniting Church SA, and whilst we will miss him in Investment Services, we will continue to see Andrew in his new role, where he will be located five metres away from his current office!

Andrew commenced work with Investment Services at the end of 1999, whilst he was completing his Bachelor of Finance at Adelaide University. Of course a lot of things have happened since then; Andrews role in the office changed, he married the love of his life, and as an organisation, we saw UC Invest (previously known as Investment Fund) grow
exponentially, to be 15 times larger than in 1999, now serving thousands of clients.

Together, we weathered the storm of the GFC, and worked to serve the Uniting Church community. Andrews fingerprints are all over so many areas in the Investment Services business. Last year he took the lead role in ensuring the transfer of clients to the new company structure, from documentation to database amendments. He has worked with software consultants to ensure our systems are first-class, as well as supervising our accounting and financial reporting functions.

Paul Barnett said Andrew was a gift to the Church and Investment Services more specifically. He has worked diligently and effectively over a long period, to play an important role in shaping where Investment Services and UC Invest is today. We will miss Andrews ability to perform many tasks, and maintaining the highest professional standard, but we are also thrilled for Andrew; that after such a long apprenticeship, he has obtained a Management role within the Synod Office, which will reap benefits for the Church for many years to come, no doubt.

Andrew Fechner said: Who would have thought in 1999 when I first met Paul for a coffee that I would have been still working in Investment Services in 2019. It has been a great ride, with many challenges, and with many different people. I look back with great pride at what our team has achieved. I will miss the daily interactions with both our wonderful clients and Investment Services staff, but I am also looking forward to my next role down the hallway. I would like to say good bye to all the clients I have met over the years. Thank you for making my role so enjoyable.

Thank you Andrew. All the best with your new role.

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