UC Invest Investors bestow record $1.98 million to Church’s lifeblood

This year alone, UC Invest Investors have collectively raised a record amount of $1.98 million dollars for the Uniting Church SAs Mission & Service Fund.

The vital Mission & Service Fund supports the facilitation of pastoral care to congregations, ministers and members, as well as enabling the much-needed ministry to youth and children. In addition, administration costs including accounting, human resources and payroll are all offset thanks to the essential UC Invest Investors contributions to the Mission & Service Fund.

Peter Battersby, Uniting Church SA Executive Officer Resources said UC Invests substantial grant has been instrumental in assisting us to provide a high level of care and service to our diverse church community this year.

The Uniting Church has been blessed by the foresight of those that recognised the vision for UC Invest, offering excellent investment opportunities to our members and providing necessary funding in the form of grants, that greatly benefit us all.

On behalf of the Church in SA, I applaud UC Invest investors for making such a formidable financial impact on our community.

The Uniting Church Investment Committee plans to raise its funding bar even higher in 2015 with the aim of providing a $2 million grant to the Mission & Service Fund from UC Invest. The vast amount is only achievable through the generosity of members who invest their savings with UC Invest.

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