Uniting College is Harnessing the Sun

The Uniting College for Leadership and Theology in Brooklyn Park South Australia will receive a $35,000 grant from Uniting Fund SA to install 66 solar panels and an inverter to provide the college with a 22kw solar power system.

The Uniting Church Investment Committee were thrilled that solar PV panels would help produce enough energy to potentially offset the College’s electricity consumption on site, resulting in a sustainable and clean way to keep operating costs down.

“We were delighted that Uniting Church Investment Committee agreed to provide a grant enabling us to purchase and install such a robust solar power system,” said Diane Hughes, acting Business Manager for Uniting College’s Brooklyn Park campus. “We look forward to reaping the benefits from this system, which plays a large part in our efforts to increase environmentally responsible decisions and practices on the campus.”

Uniting College is ready to embrace renewable energy sources as part of the recent refurbishment of the Yarthu-Apinthi ‘to educate, to grow’ (Brooklyn Park) building. The name Yarthu-Apinthi is an important recognition of the First Peoples, and with their permission, art by aboriginal artists are on display throughout the building. The college supports the education and training of people from a range of church backgrounds and ministering interests, including the diaconate and youth workers.

The solar panel installation is the final piece of the Brooklyn Park Refurbishment project.

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