Security Tips

While we take the security of your information very seriously in relation to UC Invest Online, it’s important to note that you also have a key role to play in protecting your online security.

Here’s a quick security checklist to consider:

  • Never disclose your password to anyone (even family or UC Invest staff). Our staff will never ask for your UC Invest Online password.
  • Always choose a 'strong' password. The longer your password the stronger it is, and including digits and punctuation characters makes it even stronger.
  • Install a reputable internet security package (antivirus, antispyware, firewall) and keep it up to date
  • Enable automatic updates to keep your Operating System current
  • Ensure that your web browser is a currently supported release and supported by UC Invest Online.

    UC Invest Online currently supports the following browsers:
    • Chrome 11.0 or later
    • Firefox 3.6 or later
    • IE 7.0 or later
    • Opera 9.8 or later
    • Safari 5.0 or later
  • Only log in direct to UC Invest Online via, never via email or third party website links
  • Always log out and close your browser after you have finished using UC Invest Online
  • Immediately report any suspicious activity on your account on 1300 274 151
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