Who is UC Invest?

Our Mission: to generate great returns for our investors and our Church by providing high quality financial services.

For us, our mission statement frames, defines and focuses us. But what does it mean for you?

UC Invest is a strange entity in today's world. We don't just exist simply to generate profits just for ourselves, or even just for our investors.

We were set up decades ago to provide investment options and opportunities for the Uniting Church SA community and to create revenue for the wider Uniting Church. That decades-old ethos has never stopped being our motivation in how we do investments.

Our mission statement defines our three core aims:

Great returns for our investors
We ensure our interest rates and products are always competitive. We have staff members ready to assist investors throughout all financial weather. Unlike other financial institutions, our great returns offer both a profitable return and a return for our non-profit.

We wear our heart on our sleeve: we exist to promote the work of the Uniting Church SA and our customers are essential to making that happen.

Great returns for our Church
In the past 10 years UC Invest has been able to provide millions in gifts and grants to the Uniting Church SA community. Many congregations and groups across the state and beyond have benefited from UC Invest grants.

 The benefits are not just confined to gifts and grants though. We provide loans and investment options to our congregations, agencies and schools that also help make a difference to our community.

An investment with UC Invest is a win for investors personally and a win for their church more broadly. It's a well placed investment with twice the win.

High quality financial services
We simply can't achieve our first two objectives without hitting this. Importantly our investors deserve our best efforts - that's why our service always includes:

  • Secure investment options
    The safety of investor's funds are our primary responsibility
  • Our ethical mandate
    We accept the moral responsibility of representing the Uniting Church SA in all our dealings
  • Personal service
    Everyone should be treated respectfully and receive service that exceeds their expectations

Our mission might only be 16 words, but they mean the world to us as we do business with, on behalf of and for the Uniting Church SA.


UC Invest - working for the benefit of the Uniting Church SA.

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