eGive Freqently Asked Questions

eGive, it's up to you.

What is eGive?
The eGive program is an electronic giving option that establishes a regular direct debit from your bank account or credit card, replacing the need to carry cash for your offering.

Where does my gift go?
Your eGive contribution is given straight to your congregation where it's used to support your church's operations and local outreach programs.

No fees or charges are ever deducted from your gift to your congregation.

Do I have to hold an account with UC Invest to use eGive?
No. We can debit your eGive contribution from any Australian bank account or credit card.

What does eGive cost to use?
Nothing, nix, not a penny. We believe your gift should reach your congregation fee free. UC Invest will never charge you to give.

Can I elect to remain anonymous?
Yes. While we send your congregation a monthly statement detailing all contributions received, you can elect to remain completely anonymous. If you elect to remain anonymous all of your personal details will be kept strictly confidential and never be provided to your congregation.

Can I alter my eGive request?
Yes. You can update your details including the amount, debit date, frequency of transaction and personal information by simply contacting our office on 1300 274 151. You can even postpone or cancel an individual transaction if required.

The only thing that you can't alter over the phone are your bank account or credit card details. 

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