eGive for Treasurers

One very tangible way that UC Invest assists congregations is through the eGive program.

The program has been designed to provide regular and reliable income flows to your congregation while remaining very easy and convenient for congregation members to use.

Statistically congregation members who give to their church electronically tend to give 4.5 time more per month than ad-hoc givers. This is largely because eGivers make an 'up-front' decision about their giving which simply becomes part of their personal budget.

Our aim is to help your congregation maximise its resources by encouraging the use of eGive as the preferred method of giving.


At the end of each month we will send you, or your eGive contact, a giving report which details the gifts received from congregation members during the month.

This report also provides an annual forecast amount that can be used to assist in the preparation of church budgets.

Some eGivers will elect to keep their giving completely anonymous. If this option is chosen, the member will simply be listed as an 'anonymous contribution' on the monthly giving report.

No information will ever be disclosed to you or your congregation about anonymous eGivers.

Resources available

To assist you with promoting eGive to your congregation, we have prepared a number of resources that can be used to explain what eGive is and how it works.

The following PowerPoint presentations are available for you to download:

  • This presentation runs for 2:10 and automatically loops. You would run this version of the presentation either before or after a service.
    eGive - auto advance.pptx - 1.33MB
    eGive - auto advance.ppt - 1.38MB (compatible with PowerPoint 97 - 2003
  • The slides in this presentation need to be manually advanced. Use this version if you will be talking to congregation members about eGive.
    eGive - manual.pptx - 1.33MB
    eGive - manual.ppt - 1.38MB (compatible with PowerPoint 97 - 2003)

In addition to PowerPoint presentations we can also provide your congregation with information cards and if requested, UC Invest staff visits.

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