UC Invest Share Fund

Is your congregation willing to take a longer-term view of investing?

The UC Invest Share Fund is a managed portfolio of Australian equities which have all passed the Ethical Investment Policy of the Uniting Church SA. Unit holders in the fund are exposed to the market movements experienced by the ASX, meaning that your investment will go up and down in value. Currently the portfolio ustilises a combination of index tracking and companies selected according to specific investment criteria and earnings perfomance.

An equity investment is not for the faint hearted and short term fluctuations must be expected - if your congregation is significantly risk adverse then this may not be the right investment option for you. 

It should be noted that past performance does not guarantee any future performance or likely investment returns.

  1. Key Features
  2. Risks
  3. Transactions
  4. Rates & Fees
  • This investment is only available to Uniting Church SA organisations
  • Your congregation can start investing with just $5,000
  • Income is distributed to unit holders quarterly
  • All securities have passed the ethical investment filter of the Uniting Church SA
  • Every dollar you invest is assisting the Uniting Church SA
  • The capital value of yor investment will rise and fall as economic, market and company specific conditions change
  • This option should only be considered if your investment timeframe is greater than three years
  • It is not capital guaranteed
  • Income received by the fund will fluctuate as market or company specific conditions change. 
  • Unit prices are calculated daily
  • Add funds by Direct Debit or cheque
  • Redemptions are only processed by EFT 
  • An entry/exit fee of 0.10% applies per transaction
  • Unit Price as at 31 March 2018
    Entry Price: $227.2670  |  Exit Price: $226.8130
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